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We, at Odyssey Resorts, are excited that you are interested in learning about our amazing resort. Read on and come visit us. We'll treat you right!

Odyssey Resorts is a prestigious Club, one that remains a distinct entity from its surrounding development.  Our members live throughout South Florida and most are seasonal residents, traveling north for the summer months.

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Liking what you see and want to learn more about Odyssey Resorts? Contact our PR Department. The lucky bunch works out of our South Florida headquarter office on the beach. Come by, give us a ring, or email us.

Odyssey Resorts Corporate Headquarters
124 Sangria Street, Suite 125
Boca Raton, Florida 33428

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Vacation Like a V.I.P. at Odyssey Resorts This Summer

Three Simple Steps for Finding Outstanding Value While Vacationing Luxuriously

With major savings, innovative packages, and indulgent extras, Odyssey Resorts is making it easy to vacation like a V.I.P. this summer. Find outstanding value while living it up in "beach chic" style. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Visit for your "Vacation like a V.I.P." card and take advantage of dozens of unbeatable "two for one" offers from luxury spas and championship golf to Scuba diving, kayaking, and cultural events, to museums, unique attractions and natural wonders.
  • Book a value-packed vacation package with Odyssey Getaways starting June 16. Guests will receive a free, customized "Beach Chic" vacation starter kit complete with beach towel, flip-flops, beach ball and a "Vacation Like a V.I.P" card; a $25 travel credit per booking for future travel, plus exclusive free room upgrades & much more.
  • Odyssey Resorts General Manager George Jackson invites you to, "Pack your bags, sunscreen, swimsuit and board shorts and get ready to dip your toes into Odyssey Resorts' golden sands and clear waters now!"

It is easy to feel like a V.I.P. with the dazzling style, service, and sumptuous comfort of Odyssey Resorts's Collection of properties, especially with extra-value summer packages and special rates.

Other offers guaranteed to make any traveler feel like a V.I.P. include Odyssey Resorts’ spa package that features upgrades to a Grande Deluxe Oceanfront guest room with large private balcony, 20 percent off all spa services and $100 per day in spa credits. "The Reserve" Wine Package, includes a three course gourmet dinner for two with a select glass of wine in the hotel's bistro, a beach cabana for the day and taxes and gratuities

All in all, for anyone who wants to be treated like a V.I.P. on vacation and enjoy vacation bargains at the same time, the place to be is Odyssey Resorts.

Come Stay with Us

Now that you've learned about our amazing resort, come pay us a visit. Receive 20% off your entire stay just by mentioning the Vacation Like a V.I.P. page.



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